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MJHK Studios is proud to announce the (pre-) release of a new computer aid for table top Role-Playing Games. “DA: The Role Player’s Digital Assistant” is a game-system independent toolset designed to enhance your role-playing experience.

DA is a useful tool for both gamemasters and players, as well as authors, writers, PBEM’ers, or anyone looking for a convienient means of organizing ideas and material related to the creation of a story. Follow the links above or take the Feature Tour below to see what DA has to offer. Remember to bookmark this page and check back often for news and updates.

We have uploaded an update to version 0.7.4(Beta) in the Downloads section. Along with some general bug fixes, this update optimizes the Import routine (Export will be given the same treatment, but it will be less noticable) and adds the creation of a database backup on startup.

We will also be optimizing the Library soon, to reduce the slight lag time when browsing larger Archives. Check back for updates.

I’ve also added a new link to the LINKS page. MapMage, the new target site, offers a number of interesting generator programs. Try adding them to the DA Quick Launch list to easily expand the number of useful tools readily at your fingertips. If you have any other useful links, please Contact Us.

Today’s random image: The Galavane Estate, a site of interest in one of the adventures that we’re working on. It’s currently being reviewed and playtested, and I have a few more images to finish…

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